Teen Lured from California Home and Shot Multiple Times

Most people feel safe when they’re tucked inside of their own home, but one teenager in Overbrook discovered just how dangerous his home could be when a gunman used a burning chair to lure the unsuspecting teen out of him home and then opened fire on the teen.

The incident took place on the corner of 56th Street and Lebanon Avenue. The victim was a 19 year old male who saw something burning on his front porch near midnight. A plastic lawn chair had been set on fire to serve as a lure to get the boy out of the house, turning him into a target for the gunman.

Police officers who responded to the call believe that once the teen realized he was under fire, the teen tried to return to the house and to shut the front door, but it didn’t do any good. The gunman continued to fire. Three bullets penetrated the front door and lodged into the teen victim’s chest.

EMT drivers hurried the injured teenager to Presbyterian Hospital where he was listed as being in critical condition. When questioned by the police, the victim’s roommates claimed to not know of any reason that anyone would want to shoot their friend. They also deny knowing the gunman, but they did admit that he was driving a silver Mercedes and they were pretty sure that it’s someone who lives in the neighborhood. According to the roommates, the gunman has been involved in previous incidents.


Right now, the police department hasn’t made any arrests, though they’re looking for businesses and homes in the neighborhood with the hopes that someone will have a surveillance camera that taped the incident. If they can get an image of the license plate, they’ll be able to track down the vehicle’s owner.

Attorney Drew Warren of California’s top personal injury law firm was shocked by the report. “I’m speechless. During my career, I’ve encountered many horrible things, heard stories I could barely believe were true, but there’s something about this tale that makes my blood run cold. I can’t imagine how much cunning, determination, and patience the shooter used in an attempt to get the teen to leave the house. I can’t help wondering if he shot the correct teen, or if he had intended for one of the roommates to walk out that front door. Did he even realize which of the occupants he fired on?”

390017_origIf the shooter is found, they will be arrested and charges will be filed against them. If you or someone you love finds themselves in a similar situation, you shouldn’t let the fact that criminal charges have been placed against the person prevent you from speaking to a lawyer about the pros and cons of filing a personal injury claim. After listening to your story, your experienced personal injury lawyer will sort through the details of your case and advice you about your best course of legal action.