Angry Mothers Flood the Court System with Zofran Lawsuits

Motion-Filed-To-Consolidate-Zofran-Lawsuits-in-PhiladelphiaIn Arkansas a woman has filed a Zofran lawsuits against the drug’s manufacture, GlaxoSmithKline. She states that it’s her belief that her use of Zofran caused her unborn child to develop numerous birth defects including a clubfoot, cleft palate, and respiratory distress syndrome. Following his birth, her son was forced to go through an intense series of medical surgeries and treatments in order to treat many of the congenital birth defects.

While she was pregnant, the plaintiff’s doctor urged her to use Zofran to help with the severe bouts of nausea she experienced during her pregnancy. Although the plaintiff has had three children via natural child birth, she only used Zofran for one of the pregnancies and that child is the only one born to her with birth defects.

On its own, the story is tragic, but it’s not an isolated case. Throughout the country hundreds of parents are flocking to the court house to file Zofran lawsuits. Each of these lawsuits states that as a result of the drug, a child developed birth defects. Some of the birth defects have resulted in fatalities. Birth defects listed in the Zofran lawsuits include:

  • transposition of the greater vessels
  • ventricular septal defect
  • clubfoot
  • respiratory distress
  • cleft lip and palate
  • tetralogy of fallot
  • atrial septal defect

In their court documents, many plaintiffs complaint that the FDA failed to issue its approval for the drug to be prescribed to expectant mothers. They also feel that GlaxoSmithKline failed to run suitable clinical trials to see what potential side effects the anti-nausea drug would trigger in unborn children.


The fact that Zofran wasn’t formally tested hasn’t stopped GlaxoSmithKline from using a controversial marketing practice that’s referred to as “off-label” promotion to encourage expectant mothers to use the drug to ease their morning sickness. The way the marketing materials read, it seemed as if Zofran had been properly tested and that Ob/Gyns could safely prescribe it to patients who struggled with severe morning sickness.

The sheer number of cases that have made their way to courts all over the nation has prompted the judicial system to take the cases and consolidate them before transferring them to a single court. The Zofran lawsuits identification is multidistrict litigation number 2657.

Both the women who used Zofran and the children who suffered as a result of the drug have legal rights and taking the matter to court is the best way to get a settlement the family can use to help pay medical expenses and make sure their child has the care needed to enjoy a high quality of life.

A0442000Filing a Zofran lawsuit accomplishes two things. First it lays the groundwork for you to receive a settlement you can use to help cover your child’s medical expenses. The second thing the lawsuit does is force GlaxoSmithKline and the FDA to acknowledge that Zofran can have serious side effect that need to be carefully weighed against drugs potential benefits so that future expectant mothers can make a choice that’s right for both them and their unborn child.

If your child was harmed by Zofran, contact an experienced attorney today!