Teen Lured from California Home and Shot Multiple Times

Most people feel safe when they’re tucked inside of their own home, but one teenager in Overbrook discovered just how dangerous his home could be when a gunman used a burning chair to lure the unsuspecting teen out of him home and then opened fire on the teen.

The incident took place on the corner of 56th Street and Lebanon Avenue. The victim was a 19 year old male who saw something burning on his front porch near midnight. A plastic lawn chair had been set on fire to serve as a lure to get the boy out of the house, turning him into a target for the gunman.

Police officers who responded to the call believe that once the teen realized he was under fire, the teen tried to return to the house and to shut the front door, but it didn’t do any good. The gunman continued to fire. Three bullets penetrated the front door and lodged into the teen victim’s chest.

EMT drivers hurried the injured teenager to Presbyterian Hospital where he was listed as being in critical condition. When questioned by the police, the victim’s roommates claimed to not know of any reason that anyone would want to shoot their friend. They also deny knowing the gunman, but they did admit that he was driving a silver Mercedes and they were pretty sure that it’s someone who lives in the neighborhood. According to the roommates, the gunman has been involved in previous incidents.


Right now, the police department hasn’t made any arrests, though they’re looking for businesses and homes in the neighborhood with the hopes that someone will have a surveillance camera that taped the incident. If they can get an image of the license plate, they’ll be able to track down the vehicle’s owner.

Attorney Drew Warren of California’s top personal injury law firm was shocked by the report. “I’m speechless. During my career, I’ve encountered many horrible things, heard stories I could barely believe were true, but there’s something about this tale that makes my blood run cold. I can’t imagine how much cunning, determination, and patience the shooter used in an attempt to get the teen to leave the house. I can’t help wondering if he shot the correct teen, or if he had intended for one of the roommates to walk out that front door. Did he even realize which of the occupants he fired on?”

390017_origIf the shooter is found, they will be arrested and charges will be filed against them. If you or someone you love finds themselves in a similar situation, you shouldn’t let the fact that criminal charges have been placed against the person prevent you from speaking to a lawyer about the pros and cons of filing a personal injury claim. After listening to your story, your experienced personal injury lawyer will sort through the details of your case and advice you about your best course of legal action. We recommended to contact Killino Firm California.



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Angry Mothers Flood the Court System with Zofran Lawsuits

Motion-Filed-To-Consolidate-Zofran-Lawsuits-in-PhiladelphiaIn Arkansas a woman has filed a Zofran lawsuits against the drug’s manufacture, GlaxoSmithKline. She states that it’s her belief that her use of Zofran caused her unborn child to develop numerous birth defects including a clubfoot, cleft palate, and respiratory distress syndrome. Following his birth, her son was forced to go through an intense series of medical surgeries and treatments in order to treat many of the congenital birth defects.

While she was pregnant, the plaintiff’s doctor urged her to use Zofran to help with the severe bouts of nausea she experienced during her pregnancy. Although the plaintiff has had three children via natural child birth, she only used Zofran for one of the pregnancies and that child is the only one born to her with birth defects.

On its own, the story is tragic, but it’s not an isolated case. Throughout the country hundreds of parents are flocking to the court house to file Zofran lawsuits. Each of these lawsuits states that as a result of the drug, a child developed birth defects. Some of the birth defects have resulted in fatalities. Birth defects listed in the Zofran lawsuits include:

  • transposition of the greater vessels
  • ventricular septal defect
  • clubfoot
  • respiratory distress
  • cleft lip and palate
  • tetralogy of fallot
  • atrial septal defect

In their court documents, many plaintiffs complaint that the FDA failed to issue its approval for the drug to be prescribed to expectant mothers. They also feel that GlaxoSmithKline failed to run suitable clinical trials to see what potential side effects the anti-nausea drug would trigger in unborn children.


The fact that Zofran wasn’t formally tested hasn’t stopped GlaxoSmithKline from using a controversial marketing practice that’s referred to as “off-label” promotion to encourage expectant mothers to use the drug to ease their morning sickness. The way the marketing materials read, it seemed as if Zofran had been properly tested and that Ob/Gyns could safely prescribe it to patients who struggled with severe morning sickness.

The sheer number of cases that have made their way to courts all over the nation has prompted the judicial system to take the cases and consolidate them before transferring them to a single court. The Zofran lawsuits identification is multidistrict litigation number 2657.

Both the women who used Zofran and the children who suffered as a result of the drug have legal rights and taking the matter to court is the best way to get a settlement the family can use to help pay medical expenses and make sure their child has the care needed to enjoy a high quality of life.

A0442000Filing a Zofran lawsuit accomplishes two things. First it lays the groundwork for you to receive a settlement you can use to help cover your child’s medical expenses. The second thing the lawsuit does is force GlaxoSmithKline and the FDA to acknowledge that Zofran can have serious side effect that need to be carefully weighed against drugs potential benefits so that future expectant mothers can make a choice that’s right for both them and their unborn child.

If your child was harmed by Zofran, contact an experienced attorney today!



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Minnesota Mechanic Wins $9.1 Million In Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

When Joseph Lakoskey went to North Memorial Medical Center to have his bowel surgically repaired, he didn’t expect his life to be irrevocably changed. Upon waking, he discovered that his spinal cord had been damaged during the surgery.

When Lakoskey was admitted to the hospital, he had flu-like symptoms. The medical staff pumped fluids into him right up to the point where his perforated bowel injury was discovered. The fluids he’d been receiving for his dehydration ceased while he was prepped for emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the dehydration triggered a drop in his blood pressure, which led to spinal cord injury that resulted in permanent paralysis.

Following the accident, Lakoskey underwent an intense physical therapy program that helped him gain partial mobility in his legs. He tried to maintain a normal life and continued to work, but he discovered it just wasn’t possible for him to work as a mechanic and he was forced to sell his oil change business. He intends to use his settlement to pay his living expenses, replace his worn out wheelchair, and restart his physical therapy.

During the trial, Lakoskey’s lawyer argued that his client, “wants nothing more than to have his life and ability to walk back. This verdict will provide him with the resources he needs to live as independent a life as possible.”

Since 1990, there have been several medical malpractice cases in Minnesota, but only two that have resulted in a larger settlement. One was awarded to a nurse who was improperly monitored during a surgery. The second was an $11 million settlement won by parents after a medical error resulted in the death of their baby. Medical negligence is a huge problem in the American healthcare industry. It’s estimated that more than 98,000 deaths are connected to medical errors during a single year.

Medical malpractice cases aren’t easy cases to prosecute, especially in New York. It is your responsibility to prove that you were injured as a result of medical negligence and that your injury should have been prevented. To do that, you’ll need the assistance of medical malpractice attorneys in NYC.

The medical malpractice attorneys in NYC will collect your medical records and attempt to prove that your injury does result from medical negligence. Proving that you’re the victim of medical malpractice is just one aspect of your case. Your team of medical malpractice attorneys in NYC needs to do more than cover your current medical expenses, they also need to seek a settlement that provides you with the funding needed to handle all of your future medical and living expenses.

The ideal time to start searching for a team of medical malpractice attorneys in NYC to handle your case is as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the harder it’s going to be to prove your case. It’s important to take action if you were the victim of medical malpractice.  By speaking out, you can insure no one else ever experiences a similar painful and life altering experience.

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“Friend” the IRS: The Internal Revenue Service and Social Media

You probably know that you can reach out to an accountant or a tax law firm if you ever have any tax issues, but did you know you can also connect with the IRS via social media? “Friending” the Internal Revenue Service might sound awkward, but for those who file their own forms, it could be helpful.

The IRS, in their bid to become more user-friendly, runs accounts on several different social media platforms. Whether you prefer tweeting or friending, tax news is now easier to come by. The goal of these accounts is to share information, not offer individual advice. For that, it is extremely important to speak to a qualified accountant or tax law attorney.

If you’re filling out forms or just trying to figure out where to start, the IRS has several videos up on YouTube. They feature tips and information in English, Spanish, American Sign Language.

Prefer your information in 140-character tweets? Follow @IRSnews on Twitter for the latest from the Internal Revenue Service.

How about a handy, dandy IRS podcast? Videos and tips, along with a podcast for your listening pleasure, are available on the IRS’s Tumblr site.

Looking for a mobile IRS solution? The IRS2Go App can be found in the Google Play store as well as the Apple App store. Featuring tips and videos, the handy app will also let you check the status of your refund or pay your tax bill.

Of course, the IRS’s spread into social media wouldn’t be complete without Facebook. The world’s predominant social media platform can be your source for IRS news and tax tips to help you file this year.

If you prefer to avoid apps and social media, the IRS has not forgotten about you! You can subscribe to its email subscriptions and pick which you’d like to receive in your inbox.

Remember, these tools are not for individual questions, just general information and tips. A trustworthy tax law firm is your best bet for information relevant to your specific tax case. For safety reasons, do not post private information such as your social security number on these sites and ignore anyone who reaches out to you asking for personal information. The IRS communicates with taxpayers solely through written documentation mailed to their home address. Anyone purporting to be with the IRS that contacts you in a comments section is almost surely running a scam.

If the IRS is getting “unfriendly” with you, whether it’s because of unfiled tax returns or offshore accounts, don’t just unfollow—seek help. A tax law firm that specializes in back taxes and offshore account disclosures can help you navigate tax law and determine what is your best move. The IRS enforcing deadlines and issues penalties, so it is imperative to speak to a tax law attorney as soon as you realize you may need one. Whether you need help with an audit, disclosing offshore account, or with back taxes, a tax law firm can help make the way forward clearer.

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